KBG Force Captains

Delaware’s Youth Tobacco Control Leadership Program!

KBG Force Captains are groomed, not born.  The KBG recognizes that no one becomes a leader without hard work, dedication and dilligence.  Being a leader mean having to give up some privileges and always being prepared to go that extra mile.

To Apply:

  1. fill out the application at the link below.  All of the below steps are detailed on the Force Captain Application, too.

  2. provide two (2) letters of recommendation from either advisor, coach, pastor, an employer or teacher. 

  3. write an essay (500 words, double spaced, 12 pt.) stating: Why you would be qualified for the position of Force Captain and what experiences you have had in tobacco control.

  4. attend a mandatory weekend retreat with the American Lung Association and your fellow Force Captains – new and returning.

Portable Karnival

The portable Karnival games are easy-to-assemble, fast-moving kids’ portable tobacco prevention games.

9 fun, tactile, tobacco prevention and control teaching tools for up to 30 children in grades 1-8.  Multiple sets of the Karnival can be provided for large group events.

Karnival Games for elementary students include:

  • Gummy Bear Bingo
  • Toxic Soup
  • Life Span
  • Disease Toss
  • Race to Live

Games for middle and high school students:

  • Maxi-Moola
  • Decisions Decisions
  • Tobacco’s Oozing Truth
  • Street Smart

To request the Karnival Games at your event, contact your local KBG Force or email

Not On Tobacco (N-O-T)

An evidence-based youth cessation program.

Not On Tobacco (N-O-T) is a community and school-based program to help teens quit using tobacco.

  • The program addresses healthy lifestyle behaviors which include tobacco cessation, nutrition, and exercise
  • N-O-T incorporates life management skills to help teens deal with stress decision-making and peer  and family relationships.
  • N-O-T enables participants to overcome their tobacco addiction in a safe, trusting and nonjudgmental  environment.
  • The research-based program is provided by facilitators who have been trained by the American Lung Association.

N-O-T “About Me” Survey

INDEPTH: An Alternative to Teen Nicotine Suspension or Citation

Youth e-cigarette and vaping intervention.


Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco and Health (INDEPTH) is a new, convenient alternative to suspension or citation that helps schools and communities address the teen vaping problem in a more supportive way. Instead of solely focusing on punitive measures, INDEPTH is an interactive program that teaches students about nicotine dependence, establishing healthy alternatives and how to kick the unhealthy addiction that got them in trouble in the first place.

Developed by the American Lung Association in partnership with the Prevention Research Center of West Virginia University, this new free education program is available for any school or community to establish to help our teens make healthier choices.

To find out more information and how you can be trained as an INDEPTH Facilitator (at no cost!) visit:

Scholarship Program

Staying Tobacco Free Pays Off – With Money For College!!


Delaware Seniors! If you plan on enrolling full-time at any undergraduate two- or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school in the U.S., you’re eligible for the Kick Butts Generation Scholarship.

The scholarship consists up to $2,000 award, available to
Delaware seniors who are going on to higher education.

The scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Community volunteer service hours
  • A short essay on volunteer service in tobacco control
  • Volunteer leadership awards and honors
  • Appraisal forms from volunteer supervisors and leaders
  • A high school GPA of 2.0 or higher

Click here for application form.