KBG Leadership Program

2 Types of Leaders - Endless Possibilities!

Force Captains

~Force Focused~

Gain Valuable Leaderships Skills and Volunteer Hours

KBG Ambassadors

~Statewide Leadership~

Lead the Statewide Movement and Receive an Annual Stipend

KBG Force Captains

Force Focused - Amazing Volunteers

KBG Force Captains are groomed, not born.  The KBG recognizes that no one becomes a leader without hard work, dedication and diligence.  Being a leader mean having to give up some privileges and always being prepared to go that extra mile.

We are looking for Delaware Youth who are:
  • Motivated to make a difference in their community
  • Believe their peers should live a healthy, tobacco and nicotine-free lifestyle
  • Want to further develop themselves as leaders
  • Ready to learn, grow and have FUN!
  • Committed to growing and advancing the KBG mission and vision
  • Participate and run a statewide youth movement alongside their peers
Volunteering benefits you professionally and personally…
  • Hone leadership skills you’ll use now and, in the future
  • Connect with teens who have similar interests and goals 
  • Develop and utilize your talents and those of others 
  • Cultivate a positive, purposeful identity 
  • Play an important role in keeping Delaware youth tobacco- and nicotine-free 
  • Have fun and make friends with other teens from across the state
Force Captain Requirements:
  1. Be a Delaware student in grades 4-12th
  2. Commit to being tobacco and nicotine-free (including vapes and e-cigarettes). Current users are not prohibited from joining the organization, however current users will have to make a plan to quit using all tobacco and nicotine products.
  3. Receive approval from your Adult Advisor/be nominated by your peers. 
  4. Serve as one of the youth leaders/club president, co-president, etc. for your Force.
Force Captain Responsibilities:                                                                
  • Recruit your peers to join the organization
  • Lead Force meetings at your school or organization
  • Work with your Force Adult Advisor and your school/organization to put on events
  • Train your peers in tobacco education and prevention trainings (train-the-trainers)

Additional Leadership Training

KBG Force Captains and KBG Ambassadors will be invited to attend a one-day retreat in September 2023 to hone their leaderships skills, plan upcoming events, network and team build with peers, and much more. KBG Ambassadors are required to attend the training.  Force Captains are strongly encouraged to attend the training as well.

Click here for more information. 

KBG Ambassadors

Statewide Oriented - Paid-Internship Opportunity

KBG Ambassadors take on a little bit different of a challenge than Force Captain. While Force Captains focus on running their Forces, KBG Ambassadors take on running the KBG organization as a whole.  From New Castle County to Sussex County and all areas in between, KBG Ambassadors work to plan statewide campaigns, events, themes, and recruitment efforts. 

Both Force Captains and KBG Ambassadors are a part of the KBG Statewide Council – the collective group of Force Captains and KBG Ambassadors who work on statewide initiatives.

KBG Ambassadors are selected by an application process. Approval from your KBG Force Advisor is required.  Each year, KBG Ambassadors will have to re-apply for their position, but with a shorter version of the initial application. 


Requirements of KBG Ambassadors:

  • Attend monthly conference calls.
  • Attend the Fall Leadership Training in October 2023.
  • Help to plan the annual youth summit, summer strategic planning retreat, and any other statewide event/initiative. 
  • Be approved by your Force Adult Advisor to serve in this role. 
  • Attend all statewide events, such as the annual youth summit. 
  • Act as spokespeople for the KBG organization by writing letters to the editor, op-eds, or being present at press conferences. 
  • Participate in your ‘home’ KBG Force.
Benefits of a KBG Ambassador:
  • Receive a stipend at the end of the year for $300.00 (if all requirements above are met).
  • Paid-Internship experience that you can put on your resume. 
  • Have a lasting impact on the KBG organization.
  • Lead a statewide movement along side your peers.
Application information for the KBG Ambassador Program will be available starting August 1, 2023.
Check out previous Force Captain Trainings throughout the years on our YouTube Channel.