KBG Leadership Program

KBG Force Captains

Delaware's Premier Youth Leadership Program!

KBG Force Captains are groomed, not born.  The KBG recognizes that no one becomes a leader without hard work, dedication and diligence.  Being a leader mean having to give up some privileges and always being prepared to go that extra mile.

We are looking for Delaware Youth who are:
  • Motivated to make a difference in their community
  • Believe their peers should live a healthy, tobacco and nicotine-free lifestyle
  • Want to further develop themselves as leaders
  • Ready to learn, grow and have FUN!
  • Committed to growing and advancing the KBG mission and vision
  • Participate and run a statewide youth movement alongside their peers
Volunteering benefits you professionally and personally…
  • Hone leadership skills you’ll use now and, in the future
  • Connect with teens who have similar interests and goals 
  • Develop and utilize your talents and those of others 
  • Cultivate a positive, purposeful identity 
  • Play an important role in keeping Delaware youth tobacco- and nicotine-free 
  • Have fun and make friends with other teens from across the state


Ready to Join Our Leadership Team?

This is your chance to make a difference in your community, while having fun and making life-long friends!

Register for the 2021 KBG Fall Leadership Retreat

Invite your friends, family, and other Delaware youth in grades 4th-12th to register for this event as well. It is an event you DO NOT want to miss.
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Download the Force Captain brochure to find out more about the KBG Force Captain Leadership Program!

Force Captain Requirements:
  1. Register and attend the 1-Day Fall Leadership Retreat on October 30, 2021
  2. For the 2021-2022 Year, no application is needed to apply
  3. Be a Delaware student in grades 4-12th
  4. Commit to being tobacco and nicotine-free (including vapes and e-cigarettes). Current users are not prohibited from joining the organization, however current users will have to make a plan to quit using all tobacco and nicotine products.
Force Captain Responsibilities:                                                                (You’ll learn more about these at the 1-Day Fall Leadership Retreat)
  • Recruit your peers to join the organization
  • Lead Force meetings at your school or organization
  • Work with your Force Adult Advisor and your school/organization to put on events
  • Train your peers in tobacco education and prevention trainings (train-the-trainers)
Check out previous Force Captain Trainings throughout the years on our YouTube Channel.