Don’t get it twisted. Big Tobacco doesn’t care about you or your health. To them, you’re just “a replacement smoker” — someone to take the place of someone else who’s already quit or died. You’re not a person. You’re a profit. And they’re already looking for replacements once they’ve used you up. 

It’s time to take action against Big Tobacco and help Delaware youth tobacco and nicotine-free.  Youth and Adults alike can take action within your communities.

Karnival Games

Our greatest weapon is against tobacco. KBG Karnival is a group of nine fun, fast-moving games that teach up to 30 youth about the dangers of tobacco and nicotine. 

  • Ideal for children in grades 3-8 
  • Everyone wins a prize 
  • It’s free
  • Portable and can be run by trained KBG youth!

9 fun, tactile, tobacco prevention and control teaching tools for up to 30 children in grades 1-8.  Multiple sets of the Karnival can be provided for large group events.

Karnival Games for elementary students include:

  • Gummy Bear Bingo
  • Toxic Soup
  • Life Span
  • Disease Toss
  • Race to Live

Games for middle and high school students:

  • Maxi-Moola
  • Decisions Decisions
  • Tobacco’s Oozing Truth
  • Street Smart

KBG Leadership Program

Delaware’s Youth Tobacco Control Leadership Program!

The KBG Program offers 2 different leadership positions for Delaware youth under the age of 18.

KBG Force Captains and KBG Ambassadors.

Our Force Captain Program, allows youth to lead their Forces and gain valuable leadership skills and volunteer hours. Force Captains will work alongside their fellow Force Captains to lead meetings and events, recruit new members and work with their Adult Advisor. 

KBG Ambassadors focus on the statewide organization. Requirement for this position include attending monthly conference calls and attending all statewide events. In addition, KBG Ambassadors serve as spokespeople for the KBG organization.  The KBG Ambassador program closely resembles a paid internship with Ambassadors receiving a stipend at the end of their year for all their work.

KBG Youth Retreats

KBG holds 2 annual retreats a year.  Our summer retreat calls on those who want to be leaders in their community and in their KBG FORCE.  KBG Force Captain Training usually occurs in the first weeks of August.

During a winter retreat, youth from all over Delaware and even the region come together to end tobacco and nicotine in our youth because TOGETHER WE CAN! (More info coming soon)

Activities include:

  • Performances by KBG High School Groups
  • Team Building
  • Beach Games
  • Barbeques
  • Tobacco Workshops
  • Skill building
    Did we mention all KBG Retreats and Events are FREE?


Staying Tobacco Free Pays Off – With Money For College!!


Delaware Seniors! If you plan on enrolling full-time at any undergraduate two- or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school in the U.S., you’re eligible for the Kick Butts Generation Scholarship.

The scholarship is available to Delaware seniors who are going on to higher education.

The scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Community volunteer service hours
  • A short essay on volunteer service in tobacco control
  • Volunteer leadership awards and honors
  • Appraisal forms from volunteer supervisors and leaders
  • A high school GPA of 2.0 or higher




Event registration is open now!  For more information, click here.

All Delaware youth in grades 3-12th are invited to attend. 

The event is FREE to attend! Adult Advisors or other Adults interested in becoming involved with the KBG are encouraged to attend.


Take Down Tobacco Day – April 2023

Join KBG on Take Down Tobacco Day! (More info coming soon)

Taking action against Big Tobacco

Kick Butts Day is a national day of activism that empowers youth to speak up and take action against Big Tobacco at hundreds of events from coast to coast. Each year, Kick Butts Day takes place on the third Wednesday in March.Teachers, youth leaders, and health advocates organize these events and mobilize students to raise awareness about the problems of tobacco use in schools and in the community.

Community & Partner Events:

Check back soon for updates!